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How Waec Results Are Marked And Graded (2021)

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Waec Marking Scheme: Have you ever wondered how Waec Exam Sheets are marked and graded yearly? If you have ever asked the question, how will Waec mark and give scores for 2020 exam? then you are at the right place.

After the exam, each paper will be marked according to the grades specified in the questions. Marking scheme for objective questions is based on accuracy while for theory, your workings, steps and attempts are rewarded.

Under the new Waec grading system, the letters A to F are used to indicate how good a result it. Where A1 is the best grade, F9 is the worst grade in Waec.

A1 in Waec Means Excellent and you need to score 75% – 100%

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How Percentage Is Calculated In Waec

To get an A in Waec 2020, you need to score above 75% or above in the subject. 75% means you are able to get 75 marks correctly out of 100 marks or 45 marks out of total of 60 marks.

If you are given 50 questions in a subject, 75% is equal to 37.5 questions you answered correctly. This explanation also applies to other grades above.

Don’t be confused at the marks assigned. Example, if Waec says Agricultural Science practical is 60 Marks, Objective is 100 marks and theory is 60 marks. They total marks becomes 220 right?

It shouldn’t bother you because everything will be brought down to 100% using the formular: Your mark divided by total marks (220 in this case) times 100%.

If total marks for both OBJ and theory is 220 and you’re able to score 180 marks. Your score in percentage is simply (180/220)x100%. This becomes equal to 81.81% and your grade A is sure.

As for negative marking, there is no strong evidence yet that Waec does negative marking. Another reason to strongly show that waec doesn’t do negative marking is that you can’t score zero.

To know whether you will score an A, B or C, divide the number of questions/marks you think you would get correctly by the total number of questions/marks possible and multiply by 100%.

Example: I was able to answer 40 questions correctly out of 60 total questions given in Oral English. To calculate my percentage score, it is

(40/60)x100% = 66.67% = B3

Assumption: All questions carry equal mark.

Grading For Waec Theory Questions

Marks are attached to each theory question in Waec. Calculate how many marks you are very sure of scoring after attempting all the questions, then divide by the total marks in all the theory questions and multiply by 100%.

Example: You are required to answer 5 questions in the theory part. Each question carries 20 marks. You are able to attempt questions and only sure of 15 marks out of total 20 marks for each question.

Adding Practical, Objective And Theory Scores in Waec

In waec, each part carries it’s own percentage and the total percentage is 100. If Mathematics Objective section is 50% and theory is 50%, your scores in each section will be calculated and cut down to 50%.

If you are able to score 30% out of 50% in objective and 40% out of 50% in theory, your final score sums up to 30% plus 40% and this gives you 70%. No matter how may parts the examination papers are, everything must sum up to 100.

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