NECO 2020 PRACTICAL specimens

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NECO 2020 SPECIMENs++++++++++++++++++++++

CHEMISTRY PRACTICAL SPECIMEN: Requirements:(a) One burette (50cm³)(b) One pippete (20cm³/25cm³). However, allcandidates in a center must use pipettes of thesame volume.(c) The usual apparatus and reagents forqualitative work including:(i) Dilute sodium hydroxide solution(ii) Dilute ammonia solution(iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid(iv) Barium chloride solution(v) Distilled water(vi) Red and Blue litmus paper(vii) Phenolphtalein(d) Methyl orange(e) One boiling tube(f) Five test tubes(g) Filtration apparatus(h) Source of heatEach candidate should be supplied with thefollowing: Labelled An, Bn, Cn, where ‘n’ is thecandidate’s serial number.(a) 150cm³ of chloride acid solution in a bottlelabelled “An”. The acid solution which shouldbe the same for all candidates will contain3.4cm³ of the concentrated hydrochloric acidper dm³ solution.(b) 150cm³ of sodium hydroxide solution in abottle labelled “Bn”. The solution which shouldbe the same for all candidates will contain4.0g of sodium hydroxide per dm³ of solution.(c) One spatulaful of copper (ii)tetraoxosulphate (vi) salt in a specimen bottlelabelled “Cn”.++++++++++++++++++++++

PHYSICS PRACTICAL SPECIMEN: QUESTION 1-Knife edge-Meter rule-100g and 150g masses-ThreadQuestion 2-Four thumb pins-Four optical pins-Drawing paper-Drawing board-Rectangular glass prismQuestion 3-Plug key-Connecting wires-Ammeter (0.2A or 0-3A)-Voltmeter (0-3V) (Ω standard resistor covered and labelled Q-Jockey-2 × 15V dry Leclanche cell or 2V Accumulator-1.2 constantan wire (SWG 26)-Crocodile clip.++++++++++++++++++++


SPECIMEN A: Bean seedlings (less than sevendays old

SPECIMEN B: Maize seedlings (less than sevendays old)

SPECIMEN C: Coconut fruit (dry with husk)

SPECIMEN D: Tridax fruitSPECIMEN E: Frog/Toad

SPECIMEN F: Praying MantisSPECIMEN G: Lizard

SPECIMEN H: SnailSPECIMEN I: Grasshopper


SPECIMEN L: MosquitoSPECIMEN M: Measuring cylinder

SPECIMEN N: Soil sample (loamy soil)

SPECIMEN O: Earthworm

SPECIMEN P: Hygrometer

SPECIMEN Q: Thermometer

SPECIMEN R: Hand net. (


SPECIMEN A: Knapsack sprayer

SPECIMEN B: Hand fork

SPECIMEN C: Head pan

SPECIMEN D: Ranging pole

SPECIMEN E: Wood ash


SPECIMEN G: Cowpea seeds

SPECIMEN H: Banana fruit

SPECIMEN I: Poultry droppings

SPECIMEN J: Tilapia fish

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